Mayor’s daily, early-morning check of A.C.’s pulse

by longformphilly

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Amy S. Rosenberg | Philadelphia Inquirer | July 2014

Every mayor of this vexing town deals with its ghosts at some point and maybe that is why they are drawn to very physically take in the entire place every day.

Jim Whelan rowed or swam around the city’s back bay and ocean. Lorenzo Langford walked the Boardwalk in a track suit.

Now, it is Don Guardian’s turn. And sure enough, this Atlantic City mayor’s days begin with a 6:30 a.m. bicycle ride the length of the Boardwalk and back to his home near Gardner’s Basin.

It is a day that, like most since taking office in January, carries him along like a stormy sea, throwing him rip currents (city’s in junk-bond status!), some organized waves to surf (big-time developer settles into mayoral armchair to play medium hardball over a key piece of land the city wants), against a horizon of casinos in the intensive-care unit, but for once includes some meals.

As usual, it ends back on his narrow porch with longtime partner and new husband (they wed July 11) Louis Fatato, sharing cigars and fancy beer, watching, as Fatato says, “the drunks leave Back Bay Ale house” for amusement.

Writer bio: Amy S. Rosenberg, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, has written for the Philadelphia Inquirer for the last 28 years. She lives at the Jersey Shore.

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