Making History

by longformphilly

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Bill Lyon | JerseyMan Magazine | July 2014

The punches come in bewildering bunches, delivered from angles that are like snowflakes, no two the same, and they conspire to form a perfect fistic firestorm… jab… double jab… overhand right… uppercut… another double jab…and lastly the finisher, the exclamation point, the left hook to the kidneys, always the left hook at the end of each combination because the left hook is the cruelest punch of them all… the left hook comes in like a meat cleaver… and the left hook to the kidneys can make a man pass blood for a week…

​That is the second most important part of The Sweet Science—to hit the man across from you hard, and often, and terminate with extreme prejudice. The most important part is to AVOID being hit.

​Which brings us to The Old Man.

​Bernard Hopkins.

​More elusive than a shadow.

​Quicker than a hiccup.

Swims without getting wet.

​Dances on the ceiling.

Makes his fights sound like a baseball game: “Swing and a miss…”

Writer bio: Bill Lyon is one of the most celebrated sports columnists in the history of the Philadelphia Inquirer. He wrote for the broadsheet for 33 years before retiring in 2005. Lyon, who was inducted into both the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame and the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, continues to freelance for various publications. 

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