Fergie Carey Would Like to Make a Wee Toast

by longformphilly


Jason Fagone | Philadelphia Magazine | January 2013

I don’t have stories from the evening I spent with Fergus Carey so much as a series of drunken impressions. Fergie giving a toast. F­ergie singing about he­roin and cocaine. F­ergie seeing me talking to a short man in a paisley shirt and telling me, with a grin, “Don’t talk to this littlefook.” Fergie clapping along to a singer in a white wig and a p­urple codpiece. Fergie raising up a whiskey glass and downing a shot—and another, and another.

Some of this stuff happened at the traditional Irish pub he owns, Fergie’s, on Sansom Street, and some of it happened at a theater space in the Loft District, where he went to see a show. My notes are only partly reliable. From about 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., they’re clear enough. After that, they’re just semi-random black marks on a page.

Writer bio: Jason Fagone grew up in Chester County, graduated from Penn State and wrote for Philadelphia Magazine for a decade. He recently penned “Ingenious,” a book about groups of high school students, including one consisting of disaffected West Philly youths, racing to build an energy-efficient car to win a $10 million grand prize.

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