Zen it was a game

by longformphilly

G.W. Miller III | Philadelphia Daily News | July 2002

Scott Sheldon launched a home run deep into the left field stands and before the ball even landed, the bands were playing, giant team flags were being waved and the crowd was raucously banging their megaphones in the air and screaming in unison.

Sheldon rounded the bases and was greeted at the plate by a young girl in a shiny pink outfit who handed him two stuffed animals of the team mascot. He jogged towards the dugout, high-fived his teammates – who were all standing out on the field – and then threw the stuffed animals into the cheering masses in the stands.

Bands, flags and stuffed animals? This wasn’t heaven and it certainly wasn’t Iowa. Or Philadelphia.

Writer bio: G.W. Miller III, a journalism professor at Temple University, served as a photographer and writer for the Philadelphia Daily News for 11 years from 1994 to 2005. He currently publishes JUMP Magazine, which focuses on the city’s music scene.

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