The Dirtiest Player

by longformphilly

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Jason Fagone  | GQ | February 2010

A PRAYER in the city, four words long: I ain’t seen nothin’.

It was a lie, of course.

Robert Nixon had seen everything. He had seen more than enough to put a rich and famous man, an NFL superstar, in prison. But this is what you tell the police unless you’re a fool. You can’t go wrong if you say you ain’t seen nothin’, and you can go very wrong if you say otherwise. And as far as Robert Nixon is concerned, what happened to the fat man with the Muslim beard is proof.

Nixon didn’t know the fat man with the Muslim beard when the fat man was still alive—that is to say, before he was perforated with bullets. But he’d seen him around. More than a year before the murder, Nixon stumbled upon the fat man lying in the street, in front of a water-ice stand, getting the crap beaten out of him by Marvin Harrison and Stanley McCray, one of Harrison’s employees.

Writer bio: Jason Fagone grew up in Chester County, graduated from Penn State and wrote for Philadelphia Magazine for a decade. He recently penned “Ingenious,” a book about groups of high school students, including one consisting of disaffected West Philly youths, racing to build an energy-efficient car to win a $10 million grand prize.

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